Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Music: Logistics - Polyphony

Cambridge based DnB producer Logistics (aka Matt Gresham) has put out a brand new piece of music on his SoundCloud page. The track is called 'Polyphony' and it features Sonic on the vocals. It comes just two weeks after Logistics uploaded his tracks 'Somersaults' and 'Triangles' onto SoundCloud.

I had heard of Logistics before but I was aware that he had not released any music in the last six months although he has uploaded a lot of new stuff onto SoundCloud in the last two weeks. I really like his track 'Somersaults' as it is more in tune with the liquid DnB that I prefer when compared to the heavier DnB music that is being produced these days. 'Triangles' has the same liquid DnB sound to it although it is more chilled out and laid back than 'Somersaults' although I do like both tracks immensely. These two tracks form an EP that has just been dropped on the famous Hospital Records label.

'Polyphony' is Logistics' very latest track and it is forthcoming on Hospital Records on July 21st. It is the lead track on Logistics' forthcoming seventh album Polyphony. The tracks on the Somersaults EP may be on the album but it is unclear at this stage. That's enough of the release information as it is now time to talk about the track itself and what a track it is. It has some great liquid DnB vibes with great vocals and a brilliant driving rhythm throughout the track. The way that the track builds and then culminates and fades out is just brilliant, moreover, this is complimented by the well produced beats and layers of 'Polyphony.' This is an awesome effort from one of Hospital Records most hyped stars, Logistics, and I am very much looking forward to the Cambridge producer's forthcoming album.


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