Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Music Today: 15.07.2014

Welcome to another edition of New Music Today.  Today, I have a whole stack of new music to go through so I should probably get started.

I am going to start today's New Music Today edition off with a new piece of DnB, which I always love doing as it really does get the blog off to an up tempo and upbeat start. This new piece of DnB comes from one of the busiest producers on the DnB scene at the moment, Cambridge based Logistics.

The track is called "Transcending" and it is off Logistic's latest LP Polyphony. I have already discussed some of the tracks off the album and I am very impressed by the production skills of this young DnB producer so I was expecting "Transcending" to be good and it definitely is (as are the rest of the available tracks off the album, which will be released on July 23rd on Hospital Records). You can listen to the available tracks on the album below:

Now it is time for me to turn my attention to some wonderful new electropop music from New Zealand and move away from the wonderful new DnB from Cambridge's Logistics.

Auckland's BROODS have done it again after gaining a lot of airplay for their track "Bridges". The new track is called "L.A.F." and, once more, BROODS have not disappointed one bit. The vocals are great, the beat works well and the background layers are splendid. It is a really upbeat track and the synths in the background give it a danceable quality. This is top work from the Kiwi band and I am really enjoying their work at the moment.

Chet Faker has been as busy as Logistics of late and he has dropped another new track within five days of uploading his last track "Song for Marcin". His new track is called "On You", which sees him collaborate with an American hip hop artist by the name of GoldLink. This is another great collaboration from the Melbourne artist with his renowned vocals and production skills working well with GoldLink slick lyrics. Warning: Strong language alert!

Staying in Australia, here is a remix by Sydney's RÜFÜS with fellow Sydneysiders The Preset being given the remix treatment. I blogged about The Presets dropping their latest track "No Fun" on July 5th and, as with most electronic and non electronic songs, a remix was very likely to follow almost immediately. Well here it is and what a remix it is. RÜFÜS have been gaining fan worldwide because of their cutting edge electronic music and remixes and I am sure that this remix will increase the Australian electro trio's profile once more. I knew that an all Australia electronic music collaboration would work well and, upon listening to the remix, this thought is certainly justified.

To round off today's edition of New Music Today, here is a massive Dutch on Dutch collaboration with Wildstylez giving fellow Dutchman R3hab the remix treatment. The track is called "Unstoppable" and it features fellow Dutch singer-songwriter Eva Simons. It is an absolutely banger of a track and it has a bit of a Euro dance vibe about it.

This all Dutch effort brings to an end another edition of New Music Today. Today has been another pretty good day for music. Keep a lookout for the next edition of New Music Today as it is like to feature some music that suits everyone's tastes.


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